October 4, 2023
Touching Tribute: Man Tattoos Mohbad's Name 'Imole' on His Hand, Evoking Strong Emotions in Viral Video
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  • A heartbroken man has shared a video of his new tattoo in remembrance of the late singer Mohbad
  • The tattoo, which read ‘Imole,’ garnered reactions from netizens who praised the young man’s act of love
  • They genuinely expressed intensive prayers for Mohbad to rest in peace as they sought justice for him

A TikTok user with the handle @aishamuhammad1632 has expressed his love for the late Mohbad in an unexpected way.

He stirred emotions online after posting a video of his new tattoo dedicated to the late singer Mohbad.

Touching Tribute: Man Tattoos Mohbad's Name 'Imole' on His Hand, Evoking Strong Emotions in Viral Video
Man writes late Mohbad’s name ‘Imole’ on his hand Photo credit: @aishamuhammad1632/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Man writes name of late singer Imole on his hand

The tattoo, boldly written ‘Imole’ on his hand, served as a lasting tribute to the artist.

The video quickly gained attention with netizens recognising the young man‘s gesture as a symbol of real love and admiration for Mohbad’s music.

Nigerians react as man writes Mohbad’s name on hand

In the comments section of the TikTok video, netizens expressed their support and admiration for Aishamuhammad’s decision to get the tattoo in remembrance of Mohbad.

Many commented on the depth of his love and dedication, while others shared their memories and appreciation for the late singer.

Nigerians also extended their prayers, hoping that Mohbad’s soul would continue to rest in peace.

@do you care about petral said:

“God bless u dear for d love, at dis point pple are not faking it,dis guy death shake everywhere, delta state here everybody mohbad.”

@santosfrancis781 reacted:

“Wow this is real love, rest on mohbad.”

@Mercyboy said:

“I Follow you up. Mohbad na real Guy he need dis. Thank you my Guy.”


“Even if you don’t know him when he is alive u keep him in your heart forever ” imole thanks brother i love this i can do this too any tattoo plug.”

@Crown Mickey Xchange said:

“Imole no die, he is still alive with us for life.”

@BigZiko1 said:

“I don’t like tattoos but I support this one, God bless you my bro.”

@Angel said:

“Omo we failed mohbad we didn’t notice his pain until he left us I swear omo mohbad spirit go hunt this pple till their last day.”

@Emmzy FR commented:

“Real love bro may God not let us die young and mohbad Find Rest Amen.”

Watch the video below:


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