February 26, 2024
Tragic Road Accident Claims the Life of a Woman Returning from the UK, Story Spreads like Wildfire on Twitter
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  • A Nigerian lady who lived in the UK returned to Nigeria briefly, and she died in a ghastly road accident
  • A story told on Twitter by @Dagbofather has it that the lady came back to sell her car and also to recover a debt of N5 million
  • She was said to have had an accident when she was driving in the car to go see the debtor

A Nigerian man has narrated the story of a lady who died in an accident after returning from abroad.

Narrating the story, @Dagbofather said he got to the UK together with the lady, and she initially found things rough.

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Tragic Road Accident Claims the Life of a Woman Returning from the UK, Story Spreads like Wildfire on Twitter
The lady came back from the UK to recover a debt. Photo credit: Getty Images/Aaron Foster, Bloomberg and @Dagbofather.
Source: UGC

He said the lady was stranded when she got to the UK because before she travelled, someone owed her N5 million.

How a Nigerian lady died in a road accident

She was also supposed to sell her car to get some funds, but she could not do so before moving to the UK.

The lady had challenges finding funds for accommodation because the debtor in Nigeria did not send the money, and her sister back home was unable to sell her car on her behalf speedily.

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At some point, she decided to come back to Nigeria to look for the debtor and also personally to sell her car, said to be an SUV.

The story has it that she was driving in the car to go meet the debtor when it somersaulted, and she died.

Part of the story reads:

“Apparently, she took her SUV and was on the way to go meet the debtor and she call somersaulted into a ditch and she died. Car gone, debt gone, life gone. Sometimes I just go through our chats and just think.”

See the tweet below:

Twitter users react as lady from abroad dies in an accident

@OzzyUdeagwu said:

“I wonder how the debtor feels when he remembers she came back because of him/her.”

@AnambraPrince said:

“And that debtor will think he/she will not suffer for 600 years? This is heartbreaking, her own money oh! I wished she ignored and managed till they sell her SUV but we don’t know tomorrow.”

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