February 26, 2024
US Lady Anita Brown Tenders An Apology to Davido
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  • Davido’s Anita Brown revealed that she has given up fighting Davido and gave a brief history of her background 
  • After throwing tantrums at the superstar and his wife, Chef Chi, the US model, said she was ready to move on with life and make the most of her pregnancy 
  • Anita Brown went on to discuss her upbringing in a lengthy Twitter thread, as opposed to Davido, who was born with a silver spoon

Davido’s alleged incoming baby mama, Anita Brown, has had enough of all the uproar and trouble she has put up with recently.

In a lengthy thread on Twitter, the American model noted that she had said all she needed to say and went on to have a reverie on her “poor” background.

US Lady Anita Brown Tenders An Apology to Davido
Davido’s Anita Brown speaks on taking a break from all the scandal Credit: @ninatheelite, @davido
Source: Instagram

Anita noted that she wasn’t born into a billionaire family as she compared her upbringing to the OBO’s opulence.

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Not stopping there, she admitted she was a narcissist and a manipulator who damages everything when they don’t work the she wants.

She discussed the New Testament and how women were disadvantaged in learning the bible while stressing that her voice needed to be heard.

Anita Brown writes:

“Y’all said it Ima have a fatherless child with no money. So now I’m chasin clout cause I’m going to make money on my own like I always have. And help others in need like i always have and always will! God did this on purpose What The devil used for bad God will turn it for good.

‘See the thing about Jesus. All throughout the New Testament It was all about woman. Woman were the outcast. Woman were the mistreated Woman were the ostracized I went to school and studied the Bible These woman that went after Jesus were prohibited to even learn religion.

‘But those woman didn’t care They were BOLD & BRAVE ENOUGH & as a result they got a blessing from GOD!!!!!! People have put limitations on woman since DAY ONE & blamed us for the downfall of man! I know why I’m here! Do you?

‘I forgive myself for everything l’ve done while in survival mode Sorry i wasn’t born into a billionaire family, where my father can pass me down a jet and l’m just a spoiled brat narcissistic manipulator who gets whatever they want & when they don’t they throw a tantrum.”

See her tweets below

Anita Brown’s open confession stirs reactions

Nigerians ridiculed the American model and slammed her for all she has caused the singer and his family. See their reactions below:


“Persin way don ment, low-key she dey jealousy how Davido place Chioma above her! Weray wan become billionaire wife That’s all, with all the clout chasing I’m just too happy she doesn’t mention Davido as a 1min man A win is a win, the whole brotherhood is proud of you David Adeleke .”


“She has said a lot to trigger Davido into a war of words with her and I’m sooo glad Davido didn’t accord her that time. Davido’s silence must be piercing her heavily.”


“At the end of everything, imagine how a child will feel knowing fully well he was born cuz of child support,I hope lots of celebrities kids will be genuinely happy.”


“You still personalized Davido by saying, ‘My Baby Daddy’?? Have you no shame? With all the rubbish you’ve said to him? Wow. Clap for yourself.”

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