March 4, 2024
US Lady Anita Confesses She Never Knew Davido Was Married - Read The Complete Story
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  • Top Nigerian singer, Davido, is now in the news after a US-based lady, Anita Brown, claimed he got her pregnant
  • Anita took to social media to share proof of her pregnancy as well as chats with the singer and his cousin as they pleaded with her to get rid of it
  • According to Anita, she did not know Davido was married, and they had known each other since 2017

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido, is making headlines after a US lady, Anita Brown, took to social media to announce her pregnancy.

In a new development, she has now retracted her words and boldly revealed that she is pregnant with Davido’s child.

US Lady Anita Confesses She Never Knew Davido Was Married - Read The Complete Story
Reactions as US lady Anita Brown claims she’s pregnant for Davido, shares proof. Photos: @ninatheelite, @davido
Source: Instagram

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram stories, @ninatheelite, the 29-year-old lady revealed that she wasn’t exposing Davido for clout because she has always been famous.

Not stopping there, she claimed they actually met in Dubai in 2017, and they were on and off with their relationship until the pandemic hit in 2020. She also shared videos of herself at the singer’s show.

I did not know Davido was married – Anita Brown

Anita then shared a video on her Instagram story where she addressed claims that she messed around with Davido despite him being a married man. According to her, she never knew he was married. She added that the music star’s social media page did not look like that of a married man and that the blogs in America did not report the news of his nuptials.

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Anita also added that she did not bother to check herself because she is not looking to get married to Davido, and she actually found out much later before even knowing she was pregnant. According to her, she might be a fornicator, but she is not an adulterer.

In her words:

“What really kills me is this married man narrative you all are dragging, cut it out. I did not know he was married, on God. Go to his page, does he look like a married man? I’m confused. Rest in peace to the child, people knew about the baby but nobody knew he got married. I’m in America, nobody here knew sorry. It’s not on the blogs, it’s not a big thing, if a man ain’t telling me, then I don’t know and I wasn’t checking for it because I’m not looking to get married, I’m not looking for that right now so that wasn’t something that I was in search for, I wasn’t digging up anything like that, so no I didn’t know. I actually found out after the fact and then I found out after the fact that I’m actually pregnant so y’all should cut it out, maybe I’m a fornicator but never an adulterer, calm down.”

Anita Brown shares receipts as Davido and family members beg her not to go public

The US lady did not stop at revealing that she was pregnant for Davido; she also went ahead to share receipts by posting screenshots of chats she had with the music star as well as his cousin, Clarks Adeleke.

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In the leaked chat, Clarks pitched the idea of paying off Anita, but she refused, and he noted that tests would be carried out to confirm if the baby was for Davido so that they could take care of it as an Adeleke.

Anita also shared old chats between her and Davido when things were good between them. However, their conversations turned sour when the issue of pregnancy came up.

In one of the chats, Davido accused Anita of coming into his life to stress him. According to him, instead of her helping him get back fully on his feet, she was only trying to draw him back.

In the chat, he also admitted that they had raw intercourse, but she was not the first person he was having that with. He explained that there have been ladies who cared about him and handled things like the pregnancy situation, but Anita wanted to be different and stress him.

See the screenshot of the chat and Anita’s side note below:

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US Lady Anita Confesses She Never Knew Davido Was Married - Read The Complete Story
Anita Brown shares chat with Davido amid pregnancy drama. Photo: @ninatheelite
Source: Instagram

To prove that she was indeed pregnant, the US lady posted a video of herself taking a pregnancy test and showed the result on her Instagram story.

Nigerians react to news of Davido getting another US lady Anita Brown pregnant

A number of nigerians were no doubt disappointed by the news of Davido allegedly getting another woman pregnant despite what he and Chioma had been through. Some of them shared their thoughts online.

Read some of the comments below:


“And so many need to apologize to Sophie, gosh y’all clearly know he’s the problem! Sending money up and down but your child!”


“SO she claims they have been dating since 2017 and she didn’t know he was in a serious relationship,now fast forward to this year,she said she didn’t know he was married,Aunty is lying,she knows what to do with that pregnancy,she will get rid of it but before then she wants to go dirty with him in the public,una never know this black Americans girls ,them and blackmail na 5&6.”


“Davido should please do better,,i really feel for his wife Chioma,she’s going through a lot..”


“David is not suppose to be doing this,if you wanted to remain in the streets you would have remained single,what’s this,can’t y’all have self respect for yourself and this black Americans girls ain’t playing,dem go blackmail you tire.”


“And why is everyone even worried about Chioma she knew what she was going into before she agreed to date him, and when got married to him after all his scandals she has opportunity to leave but she stayed there. It’s her decision.”

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