September 23, 2023
US Lady Anita Confesses That Davido Wanted Her To Keep Her Child
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  • Davido’s alleged pregnant US side chic, Anita Brown, is not slowing down with her attack on him and his other alleged baby mama online
  • In a new post sighted online, Anita revealed that she’s putting out all the drama because the singer really wanted her to have the baby
  • Even though the side chic claims to have taken the baby out, she is still trying to get verified online by listing Davido as her spouse

The drama Davido’s alleged US side chic Anita Brown created about their affair online keeps getting messier.

Anita went out of her way to prove online that she was pregnant for the singer and in a new post, suggested she has gotten rid of it.

US Lady Anita Confesses That Davido Wanted Her To Keep Her Child
Nigerians react to new update from Anita Brown about Davido Photo credit: @davido/@ninatheeeelite
Source: Instagram

The supposed businesswoman added that Davido wanted her to have the baby as everything that has unfolded in the past few days wouldn’t have if he didn’t want her to.

Anita affirmed that she did not ruin anything even though fans of the singer are oblivious to his wants.

In another post, she shared her profile where she listed the Unavailable crooner as her spouse in a bid to get verified on Instagram and Wikipedia.

See the post below:

Nigerians react to Anita’s new update

Nigerians seem to have had enough of the US side chic as many people think she is now using the stale situation to gain popularity.

Read some comments below:


“I cover Chioma with the blood of Jesus because if this girl fit k@ll am she go do am collect that wife position. Saying Davido wanted you to have this child when clearly you’ve been the one going on with this narrative. Desperado.”


“The same person said Davido wants her to ab*rt the baby,and that’s why she’s angry. Now you’re claiming he wants you to have the baby? Is this girl mentally alright like this?”


“She has no more information about Davido to share?”


“obession is a weird thing.”


“She needs to rest, the clout has gone, we are on tour now. Make she shut up.”


“You look old for a 28 years old lady.”


“Now I know who Davido was referring to when he said “Desperado lomo yen”


“She finally comot the belle ? Was she even pregnant.”

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