September 27, 2023
US Lady Anita Exposes Davido: Reveals That Chioma Has Had Previous Abortions Before Ifeanyi's Birth
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  • Singer Davido’s alleged pregnant American side chick, Anita Brown, has continued to spill details about their relationship
  • The US lady, who seemed to know a lot about the singer’s wife, claimed that Chioma had gotten rid of pregnancies for Davido before Ifeanyi
  • According to Anita, for as long as she has known, Davido has been calling ladies about babies and getting rid of them

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido’s alleged pregnant US side chick, Anita Brown, does not seem to be letting up on lambasting the music star on social media.

The 29-year-old took to her official Twitter page to continue to rant about Davido and even shared claims about his wife, Chioma.

US Lady Anita Exposes Davido: Reveals That Chioma Has Had Previous Abortions Before Ifeanyi's Birth
Fans react as Anita Brown claims Chioma got rid of pregnancies before Ifeanyi. Photos: @ninatheelite, @thechefchi
Source: Instagram

According to Anita, Chioma had gotten rid of a few pregnancies for Davido before they eventually had Ifeanyi. The American lady shared this while explaining that the singer loves abortions.

Anita described the Unavailable crooner as evil and added that from the time she had known Davido, he used to call ladies about getting rid of their babies for him.

See her tweet below:

Nigerians react as Anita Brown alleges Chioma got rid of pregnancies

As expected, Anita’s fresh claims about Davido and his wife got many Nigerians talking. Read some of their comments below:


“You can’t hate Yul and love Davido. It’s called double standard.”


“You see black america women they all live on child support so the baby she carries is like a golden child… She will use it to milk david ehnnnn He should just get ready … As this one happen i’m happy because he would know how to wear condomm from henceforth.”


“The girl is the weapon fashioned against Davido and I love it .”


“This girl is the ultimate fashion weapon against Davido… I swear . We thought Mama Imade was dramatic, but this one takes it to a whole new level.”


“Every cheating husband deserves an Anita.”


“Lorokan sha, Davido don buy market wey pass am! And I really really hope she isn’t being sponsored to do this… it’s too much atp.”


“David don really enter wahala with the lady. Hopefully this is what that will make him change. This lady is really a karma served hot.”


“I love how she’s calling out chioma too. People think that one is a saint because she’s quiet. She was killing female foetus. I won’t even put it past her to agree for some more evil shiit.”


“At this point is not about the pregnancy again.”

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