February 26, 2024
Video of Veteran US Rapper Busta Rhymes Vibing To Burna Boy
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  • A video has made the rounds on social media of veteran US rapper, Busta Rhymes, showing love to Burna Boy’s music
  • In the viral clip, Busta was seen smiling proudly as he sang along to Burna Boy performing Last Last in New York
  • After the video trended online, many Nigerians reacted to it with pride as they commended Burna Boy for being a great performer

Popular US rapper, Busta Rhymes, is making headlines over his love for Nigerian music star, Burna Boy.

A video made the rounds on social media showing the celebrated American star looking proudly at Burna Boy while enjoying his performance in New York.

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Video of Veteran US Rapper Busta Rhymes Vibing To Burna Boy
Video of Busta Rhymes enjoying Burna Boy’s Last Last performance trends. Photos: @adesope_shopsydoo
Source: Instagram

In the viral clip which was posted on Instagram by media mogul, Adesope Olajide,  Burna was performing his hit song, Last Last, and Busta Rhymes was seen happily singing along.

The US star was obviously enjoying the performance greatly as he smiled proudly while watching the Nigerian star on stage.

See the heartwarming video below:

Nigerians react to lovely video of Busta Rhymes singing along as he watched Burna Boy perform in NYC

The video of Busta Rhymes enjoying Burna Boy’s New York performance and also singing along soon trended on different social media platforms. Many Nigerians were proud to see the US rapper enjoying the Nigerian singer’s performance and also beaming at him with pride.

Read some of their comments below:


“This man be looking like a proud dad.”


“A day shall come when your idols will become your fans .”


“Imagine Africans used to do that now the Americans are doing that.”


“Gone are the days when we use to watch dem bust tha rhymes Nowadays dem dey sing along Shayo with our burn-a-boy .”


“There is only one best performer in Nigeria music industry n his name is burna. His stage crafts is on different level. I’m sure SuperBowl will call him soon.”


“Busta is like an old Burna, same pure joy .”

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