February 26, 2024
Viral Video Shows Mother of Four Girls Welcoming Her Fifth Baby Girl
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  • A mother who has given birth to four female children has welcomed her 5th child, who is also a baby girl
  • The mother named, Quency, posted a video on TikTok, and she was seen happily playing with the five children
  • The video quickly resonated with many of her followers, who agreed that having female children is a huge blessing

A mother who has four female children has welcomed her 5th baby, who is also a female.

The mother, identified on TikTok as Quency, said people were curious to know what she would give birth to when she was pregnant with the 5th kid.

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Viral Video Shows Mother of Four Girls Welcoming Her Fifth Baby Girl
The mother has said having girl children is a huge blessing. Photo credit: TikTok/@ehivictorialabran.
Source: TikTok

When she gave birth, she and her four children made a video to show off the new baby in their house.

The four female kids lined up and danced with their mother, who was clutching the 5th baby in her hands.

She captioned the video:

“When you have girls, and you were pregnant, people are asking you what you gave birth to. It’s a girl.”

Their dance has gone viral and received 16.1k likes from baby lovers on TikTok. The mother said that daughters are blessings and that women who gave birth to female children are potential billionaires.

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Watch the video below:


Daughter’s are blessingsbblondon.they are the LA girls…#ehivictorialabran

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Reactions to video of mother who has five daughters

Many TikTok users celebrated with the mother and agreed that the woman would enjoy the children in the future.

@Chioma Jesus said:

“Welcome to our club ma billionaire’s club. Mothers of girls are potential billionaires.”

@Spotless Angel said:

“You will enjoy them now and forever. If anyone doesn’t have a daughter, they never born.”

@mhizpreshy reacted:

“My mother gave birth to 5 girls. Na so she dey go omugwo almost every two years. Na enjoyment she dey now.”

@Lovina Shaadrach said:

“I have three and there dad left me but nevertheless am happy with them.”

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