May 16, 2024
"We almost slept outside": Happie Boys Share Frustrations and Expose Conversation with OPM Pastor
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  • The Nigerian boys who the founder of Omega Power Ministries offered scholarships have cried out online
  • Happie Boys were sent to Cyprus by Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere after they were sacked for dancing on duty
  • Months after resuming school in Cyprus, the boys have cried out online as they desire to return to Nigeria

Two Nigerian boys who were offered a scholarship to Cyprus by Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, the founder of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), have cried out online.

The young men, fondly called Happie boys, were fired from working at a Chicken Republic outlet last year for dancing during work hours.

Happie Boys leak chat with OPM pastor Photo credit: @happie_boys1, Apostle Chibuzor/Instagram.
Source: Instagram

However, their situation changed after Apostle Chibuzor saw the video and offered to help them attend school abroad.

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The scholarship they received lasted for six months, but the boys were able to sustain themselves for an additional two months.

However, in an update, they claimed that living in Cyprus had become expensive as they did not come from wealthy families.

They also leaked their chat with Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, who genuinely informed them that things were also hard for him here in Nigeria.

Happie Boys said:

“We want to use this medium to thank each and every one of you out there, more especially our family, friends and @papa.opm who helped us fly abroad to school which we are so grateful!

“After God used @gossipmilltv to show the world our built in talent from God & we are forever grateful to God for looking after us, sustaining and providing for us for the past 8 months which the scholarship lasted for only 6 months and us who didn’t come from rich homes dropped out from school because is very hard for anyone to get a job here in Cyprus! Ask @ogenecyprus.

“Living in the country became so expensive but God in heaven is seeing his children through! Let Love Lead.”

Nigerians react as Happie Boys leak chat with OPM pastor

@mr_jason___ said:

“Y’all are here bashing them, yes the man tried but Cyprus is the wrong east place to send someone to for scholarships if you can’t fully sponsor the person, una Dey always believe say ba every country better pass Naija. What this kids needed was maybe 2m each and they will be just fine or maybe 5m naira and both of them could have opened a business.”

Tweet_noel reacted:

“Was the scholarship not supposed to cover the entire study time? This is why it’s always good to avoid publicity.”

@neverpipedown_ said:

“Daddy said he doesn’t have money like before.”

@chyke49 said:

“You guys should try and get work and has done the best he can do.”

@pohkwise said:

“Wait ooo he say he broke.”

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