March 4, 2024
"We Like It Small": Couple Chooses a Private Wedding with Only Bridesmaid, Best Man, and Photographer in Attendance
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  • A groom-to-be and his fiancee have only invited their best man, best maid and a photographer friend to their wedding
  • The couple noted that they do not like traditional weddings and being the centre of attention; thus, their low-key wedding choice
  • The love birds disclosed they were getting married for their love for each other and not to please other people

In a world where extravagant weddings with hundreds of guests have become the norm, one man has dared to challenge the status quo.

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A groom angered his friends after he only invited three people to their wedding. He noted that he and his fiancee did not like traditional weddings. Photo: Deposit Photos.
Source: UGC

Three is a crowd

The groom-to-be has ignited a virtual firestorm after deciding to keep his wedding simple by inviting only three people.

According to Mirror, what seemed like a simple desire for a low-key ceremony quickly spiralled into a heated online debate that captured the attention of thousands.

Unyielding in his resolve, the man took to Reddit, seeking advice and support.

He confessed that his unconventional decision had caused rifts among his friends. The situation took an unexpected turn when the best man, a close friend, threatened to boycott the wedding unless his partner was included on the guest list.

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He said:

“My fiancĂ©e and I want to get married this year. We both don’t like traditional weddings and don’t like being the centre of attention. We want to get married primarily for us because we love each other, not for other people.”

The groom-to-be added:

“We have decided that each of us will invite only one person (best man and maid of honour). Kim a good friend of the bride, is also coming because she takes pictures and we both know her well. So in total, there would be five people. That’s it.”

The firm groom-to-be noted that they do not want additional people on their special day and some family members had not been invited.

“Have put a lot of thought into choosing three people. Not even our families are invited.”

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