December 1, 2023
“Which Kind Wahala Be This? Nigerian Man Expresses Frustration over Niece's Homework, Shares Online
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  • A Nigerian man caused quite a stir on social media over the quantitative reasoning assignment his niece was given
  • He shared the homework on the net and sought help from netizens, saying he tried to solve them to no avail
  • Brainy social media users proffered solutions to each question as people reacted to his post

A Nigerian man identified as Kelechi has lamented on social media after seeing the quantitative reasoning homework his niece got.

Via Twitter, Kelechi shared the assignment as he lamented his inability to provide solutions to the questions.

“Which Kind Wahala Be This? Nigerian Man Expresses Frustration over Niece's Homework, Shares Online
He sought help in solving the equations. Photo Credit: @kelxchi
Source: Twitter

He wrote:

“Na the home work I dey try reason for my niece be this oh. Guy which kind wahala be this? Who go help?”

Fortunately for him, some citizens took up his appeal and provided answers to the questions.

He wrote to one of the brainy citizens who offered to solve the homework:

“I no like Maths wey dey stress me.”

This is a link to the exact post

Reactions on social media

@Godfirst_Jr said:

“Let’s label the Boxes.

“A B.

“C D.

“A x C = B.

“C+D = A.

“Which means to get A, you simply add C n D.

“To get B, you multiply A n C.

“To get C, you do A-C.

“To get D, you do A-D.”

@James14767500 said:

“From the first example, 5 and 6 are at the bottom. Add them which is 11(first box).

“To get the second box. Multiply the topbox and the box under it which is 11*5=55…”

@SunshineKeenah said:

“Guy, you be olodo.”

@nas_notsaint said:

“Firstly examples 11 * 5 = 55 and 11 – 5 = 6.

“Use the same method for the remaining.”

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