September 27, 2023
Wireless Microphone for Mobile (Android and iPhone)
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If you are a content creator, you are definitely going to need a wireless microphone you can use for recording with your Android phone, iPhone or PC.

This wireless microphone is of 3 types but they perform the same function and has the same features:

  1. The one for iPhone
  2. The one for Android devices (C type port)Wireless Microphone for Mobile Android
  3. The universal one, it can work with any Android device, laptop, Car Audio,Subwoofer,Power Amplifier,Speaker and so onWireless Microphone for Mobile (Android and iPhone)

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  1. It doesn’t need APP,plug-and-play,one-click connection,easy to wear.
  2. Intelligent noise reduction,long endurance of 10 hours,easy to cope with all kinds of noisy environment,worry-free shooting,meet your needs for a day.
  3. 360 full pointing pick up,record every detail of the sound.
  4. mall and convenient,it compatible with various devices,support mobile phone, tablet, camera, notebook,etc
  5. Battery capacity: 80mAh
  6. Transmission Distance: 8 m barrier, 20 m barrier-free

Wireless Microphone for Mobile (Android and iPhone)

How To Order and How Much

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How To Use It

  1. First, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the device, and insert the audio head of the receiver into the audio hole of the mobile phone or stereo, and the green light flashes to indicate that it is in the state to be connected;
  2. Press and hold the power button of the microphone to turn it on, and the red and green lights flash to indicate that it is in the waiting state;
  3. The green light of the receiver is always on, and the green light of the transmitter is always on, indicating that the pairing is successful;
    It is recommended to charge it directly after use to facilitate the next use, and cannot be charged while using.

Wireless Microphone for Mobile (Android and iPhone)

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