March 4, 2024
Woman Expresses Heartbreak as Her Husband Faces Financial Ruin After Their Marriage
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  • A married Nigerian woman broke down in tears after reading the note her husband dropped for her
  • According to her, the man suddenly got broke after they got married, and since then, life has been tough for them
  • On her birthday, the thoughtful man dropped a message appreciating her for loving him despite the challenges they faced

A heartbroken Nigerian woman has shared the touching note she received from her husband on her birthday.

In the note, her husband lamented that he didn’t have airtime to send the message to her on the phone.

Woman Expresses Heartbreak as Her Husband Faces Financial Ruin After Their Marriage
Married woman shares letter she received from husband Photo credit: FG Trade/Getty Images, Racheal Mel/ Facebook
Source: UGC

According to the woman, her husband was doing well when they married, but he suddenly lost all he had.

She said her husband searched for a job for a long time but decided to learn a trade when he didn’t get any.

The woman added that making money has been difficult for her husband ever since hence his inability even to afford airtime.

However, her thoughtful husband, in his letter, appreciated her for sticking with him and promised to work hard to get her a gift no matter how small it is.

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The note reads:

“Happiness birthday my one and only. I don’t regret marrying you. You are the best gift to humanity and mankind.

“I don’t have airtime to send you a message but I trust you will understand, in your next birthday you will know more, endure but enjoy.

“Thank you for enduring and not giving up on me. I don’t have anything now but I love you. I love you. I’m out to work will make sure I get you something as ever no matter how small. Love you.”

Social media reactions

Chika Chukwumeziri Ndubuisi said:

“I couldn’t finish reading the write-up. All I can see is drops of tears on the paper supposedly dropped from the man’s eyes while writing. This note. I was meant to understand in the Holy book that God doesn’t despite a contrite heart and also that the dry bone shall rise again Oh Gid in heaven. I join my faith with all the members of this platform that today shall mark a new beginning to this couple. They will have a reason to smile again that every dry bone (finnances) that is dead in their home shall rise again and I pray that God shall wipe away all the tears in their eyes. The seige is over. Your next tears shall be tears of joy. It is well with thy spirit. You guys must smile and flourish again in Jesus name Amen.”

Chiexotic Chioma reacted:

“Did any one notice the tears on the letter my dear for this tears God will re write his story. Happy birthday to you.”

Chiamaka B. said:

“He was actually crying. See tears drops on the paper. This brought tears to my eyes. To some their husbands don’t remember their birthdays. To others they remember but no wishes nor gift. To some very wealthy but never been told ‘I love you’. To some you will be assumed the cause of his downfall hence verbal blackmail.

“To some birthdays are normal days hence so what? Most of us reading can’t remember the last time we got a text, notes, love messages or appreciation post. Some in their poor state still don’t show appreciation nor love like this. Marriages are swimming in shadows of let’s just keep living together. This post has really provoked my spirit man.

“I don’t mind fasting while breastfeeding for heaven to release the treasures hidden for only those who findeth a wife. I pray for every home going through different levels of emotional blackout. Be restored in in Jesus name. Oh Lord arise and make this home and every worn out homes beautiful again.”

Sodiq Dolapo commented:

“God open your breakthrough door for this lovely husband, hmmmm if it some husband especially in my tribe they would have label you the name your parents didn’t give you from birth.”

Mercy Grace said:

“Reading this brings tears. May heaven celebrate with you and give you a blessing that you will never forget to mark this day for you. May he open great doors for your husband and give you power to overcome every principalities working against the breakthrough of your household.”

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