May 19, 2024
Woman Goes Down on One Knee and Proposes to Boyfriend in a Public : See What Some Nigerians Have To Say
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  • Instead of being proposed to by her man, a daring lady took the bull by the horns with her surprise move
  • In public and not minding the scene she created, the lady went on her knees to engage her boyfriend
  • Photos from the stunning marriage proposal, coupled with her boyfriend’s reaction, have generated reactions online

In many societies, it is the order of things for the man or boyfriend to propose to his girlfriend, but a lady has gone against the norm.

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In photos making the rounds on social media, the unidentified lady was captured kneeling before her boyfriend in public with a ring.

Woman Goes Down on One Knee and Proposes to Boyfriend in a Public : See What Some Nigerians Have To Say
The lady proposed to her boyfriend in public. Photo Credit: Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro II
Source: Facebook

Onlookers were surprised, as deduced from their reactions caught on camera, as the lady took her boyfriend’s hand. She then put the ring on his finger and showcased him to the camera.

The boyfriend was all smiles as he flaunted his engagement ring.

Linguist and dramatist Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro II, who shared the photos on Facebook, remarked that it (the lady’s action) is how it should be.

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However, the authenticity of the proposal could not be confirmed at the time of making this report.

Nigerians react to the lady’s bold public proposal

Chibuikem Oguike said:

“In my opinion non should to kneel before the other.”

Johnson Chidinmma Priscilla said:

“Make I go buy ring.

“Waiting for maazi on the road.”

Asa Bathsheba said:

“If women are allowed to start engaging men, there will be no single man left.”

Ebenezer Ibekwe said:

“She’s a woman who’s proud in the wholesomeness of her femininity.”

Ijaga Nwagada Onyekachi DanFrank said:

“And surprisingly, the girl did not die oooo.

“Congratulations to them.”

Elijah Oghenewero Jnr said:

“Man remain the prize, but if I was in this position, I would have collected the ring from her and engage her, but it’s what it’s.”

Afa’m BuNzube said:

“Many women are ready to do this.

“In fact, many of them was the one that started their various relationships, but their earlier Orientation won’t let them tell anyone about this.

“But it’s okay.”

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