May 13, 2024
Woman Sacrifices Personal Belongings to Fund Mother's Surgery After Husband Refuses to Assist: "I Marry my Enemy"
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  • A woman sold her phone to pay for her mother’s surgery after her rich husband refused to help her family
  • She shared her story on an online forum and asked for advice from other users
  • She got mixed reactions from Instagram, some of whom sympathised with her and some of whom advised her to work on her marriage

A woman has revealed how she sold her phone to raise money for her mother’s emergency surgery, after her husband refused to help her family.

She said she felt sad and betrayed by her husband, who was rich and spends lavishly on outsiders and side chicks.

Woman Sacrifices Personal Belongings to Fund Mother's Surgery After Husband Refuses to Assist:
Woman says she is considering divorce after husband’s actions. Photo credit: @stockphoto
Source: Instagram

The woman, who did not want to reveal her identity, shared her story on an online forum called @couplestherapies on Instagram, seeking advice from other users.

She said her husband single-handedly paid for the burial of a woman whose husband died, spending 2.1 million naira on the funeral.

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He also bought her a car and the latest phone, but he hardly gives her money for other needs.

She said her mother was sick and needed an urgent operation that cost 380,000 naira.

She asked her husband to help her family, but he refused. She later found out that he sent 250,000 naira to his side chick to celebrate her birthday with her friends.

She wrote:

“I was so frustrated. I sold my phone to raise my mum’s hospital bills. I lied to him that they stole it. He wanted to use the serial code to destroy the phone and I had to open up. Now he’s threatening to send me back to my father’s house if I don’t bring back the phone.”

She said she reported the matter to her pastor, but her husband did not honour his invitation.

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The women leader in her church reportedly gave her the money for the surgery and advised her to use wisdom to follow her husband.

“I’ve gotten the phone back and I’ve handed it back to my husband. I don’t want to use it again. I will buy myself a phone when I can afford it. I think I married my enemy. Please house, advice me. I want to pack out but I’m feeling my church members will be disappointed in me,” she added.

The woman’s story has sparked mixed reactions from other users, some of whom sympathised with her.

Some users suggested that she should seek legal help or counselling, while others advised her to pray and work on her marriage.

Find the letter here

See some of the reactions below:

@dear_onyinye reacted:

“Omoo! Sorry you had to go through this!… Marrying rich is not the problem, Marry a kind person instead.”

@shanpepe said:

“I’ve never been married before so I don’t know the type of advice to give you but if you think moving out is the best option, you should do it with your full chest. Your church members are not in the marriage with you.”

@dezhenchard commented:

“When you got married traditionally, I hope your people did not make life unbearable for him. I hope you did not ask him to buy the entire world cos if you did and showed him no single consideration, I think this is pay back. Sometimes the truth is half told.”

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