November 30, 2023
Woman Transforms Housemaid's Life, Enrolls Her in Same School as Her Biological Children
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  • A woman has changed the life of her housemaid for the better by taking outstanding care of her like her child
  • Photos of the housemaid seen on Facebook showed that the woman enrolled the girl in the same school as her children
  • Nigerians who have seen the transformation in the child have appreciated the woman and asked her to continue the good work

A woman has been praised on Facebook because of how she is taking good care of her housemaid.

Photos of the child posted on Facebook by Victor Anozie Blog show a girl who is well-fed and well-catered for.

Woman Transforms Housemaid's Life, Enrolls Her in Same School as Her Biological Children
The housemaid goes to the same school as her madam’s children. Photo credit: Facebook/Victor Anozie Blog.
Source: Facebook

The woman said she had taken the girl as her biological child, which is why she enjoys the same care and privileges.

Photos of neat housemaid go viral on Facebook

The girl goes to the same school as the woman’s children, unlike others that enrol maids in dilapidated government schools.

An old photo of the child taken when she was in the village showed that her life changed after she started living with the woman.

The photos have drawn applause from Nigerians who asked the woman to continue the good work she is doing in the girl’s life.

Nigerians on Facebook react as woman takes good care of housemaid

Prophetess Deborah Oy said:

“God bless you but she is too young for a maid, please keep on the wonderful work.”

Marcel Okonkwo commented:

“God continue to bless you and your family more and more. Honestly, I am filled with joy seeing this. A very good Sunday inspiration to all of us.”

Princess Uche Charles said:

“Good woman, God won’t stop blessing you with wealth and good health.”

@Ms EhotSkillzone commented:

“Well the way you are treating her, it would be right to say you got your daughter a companion or playmate or she is your first daughter. Well done.”

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