May 18, 2024
"You Don Born Person Wey Senior You": Clever Young Girl Playfully Teaches Mom a Lesson on Yelling in Viral Video
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  • In an adorable and amusing video, a little girl has become an unexpected guru of communication, delivering an endearing lesson to her mother
  • The adorable exchange, which took place in their native Yoruba language, showcased her remarkable wisdom and maturity as she advised her mother about a habit
  • Many have commended the girl’s mature perspective and marvelled at her ability to convey such profound advice at such a young age

The video shared by @anikearaa07, a TikTok user with a large following, has gone viral after it displayed the funny moment her daughter was counselling her over a habit.

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She asked her daughter, who bears Anike, to repeat what she said at the video’s start.

Seizing the opportunity, Anike took a deep breath and gently reminded her mother about the previous day when she raised her voice.

Smart girl counsels her mum over yelling habit. Photo Source: TikTok/@anikearaa07
Source: TikTok

Anike’s endearing hand gestures and earnest expressions added a touch of comedic charm.

With an adult-like demeanour, Anike encouraged her mother to refrain from yelling and communicate more peacefully when scolding her.

In her innocent yet profound explanation, she highlighted that speaking kindly and calmly is more likely to capture her attention than yelling.

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As the conversation continued, Anike’s mother asked if she usually shouts, which Anike affirmed that she did indeed. Her mother then pledged to heed Anike’s words and promised not to yell again.

The adorable little girl is known to have funny videos on TikTok.

Amused Tik Tok users took to the comment section to share their laughter, with some insisting Anike must have been born with the spirits of her ancestors.

Social Media Reactions:

@user7901838831322 said:

“When next you are pregnant, don’t go to the village. This girl, nah ancestor I love you Anike.”

@queentheresa20 said:

“You don born person wey senior you…God protect her for you, Amen.”

@ibiwunmisanni19 said:

“Fact like me now, if you talk to me with a calm voice, I’ll listen and learn very well, but once you start shouting at me, I no fit hear walai.”

@lizzylove954 said:

“”I love you, Anike. God will grant you more wisdom.”

Watch the hilarious video:


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