May 19, 2024
Young Gentleman Takees His Mother to Elegant Eatery, Pampers Her, and Offers Assistance With Feeding Her
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  • A video showing a young man and his mother in a restaurant as he gave her a treat has stirred conversations online
  • The grateful Nigerian man said that each time he made his mother happy, things went well for him in his life
  • Many people praised him for his thoughtfulness towards his mother as some asked him not to forget his father

A young Nigerian man who loves his mother dearly has shared a video capturing the moment he took her on a date.

The son (@youngstevo01) treated his mother like his baby as he fed her in a restaurant. He showed they have a very healthy mother-son relationship.

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Young Gentleman Takees His Mother to Elegant Eatery, Pampers Her, and Offers Assistance With Feeding Her
The man fed his mother in a restaurant. Photo source: @youngstevo01
Source: TikTok

Son makes mother happy

He captioned the TikTok video:

“Since I started putting smile on my mum’s face everything started working smoothly for me.”

Some people who reacted to his clip said he would keep getting blessed for treating his mother well.

Watch the video below:



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See some of the reactions below:


“Brotherhood is proud of you.”

Airnest said:

“This girlfriend can never break up with you no matter what.”

Kemas said:

“You made the right choice bro. God bless you always.”

adebayorkingsley said:

“Much love bro. I followed you because of this.”

ex boi omolaw said:

“Only mothers prayer could save a man keep it up.”

omodano said:

“Let her enjoy. this is beautiful. abeg how often do you take her on dates like a queen like this?”

denco926 said:

Mama must enjoy the fruits of her labour. That’s the goal.”

user7252579923918 said:

“Beautiful mama may God protect her in Jesus name.”

Pedro Ot said:

“God blessed you brother.”

user Suleiman said:

“Bro keep up putting more smile on your mom face. na that time you go no say your grace na Automatic.”

lawrencechristian00 said:

“God bless all mothers who have sacrificed much for us.”

Destiny Boy378 said:

“You don turn your mama to your girlfriend, brotherhood must be proud.”

I no dey fear your papa said:

“Abeg no forget papa ohhh.”

horlayemi said:

“I was actually thinking of what to do for my mom this weekend thanks very much bro.”

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