Eskom Recruitment- Job Vacancies and How To Apply

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Recruitment is the key process through which Eskom, like many companies, finds the talent it needs to power its operations. Just like a skilled scout seeking out top athletes for a team, Eskom’s job vacancy efforts are all about discovering individuals who possess the right blend of skills, experience, and character to excel in their roles within the company. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to apply for Eskom recruitment and the available jobs.

Eskom, the giant of South Africa’s electricity industry, plays a pivotal role in powering the nation’s homes, businesses, and industries. As the largest electricity company in Africa, Eskom serves approximately 95% of South Africa’s population, making it an indispensable pillar of the country’s economy.

With its array of power stations, including coal, hydro, and nuclear plants, Eskom stands at the forefront of ensuring energy security and sustainability for the nation.

Open Jobs Vacancies at Eskom

Eskom offers a various range of career opportunities across various departments. Here are some common roles you might encounter:

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Engineering Positions:

  • Electrical Engineers: Focus on power generation systems.
  • Mechanical Engineers: Design and maintain machinery.
  • Civil Engineers: Manage construction projects.
  • Chemical Engineers: Handle chemical processes in power plants.


  • Maintenance Technicians: Repair and maintain equipment.
  • Electrical Technicians: Install and upkeep electrical systems.

Project Managers:

  • Infrastructure Projects: Oversee building projects.
  • Renewable Energy Projects: Contribute to green energy solutions.
  • Grid Expansion Projects: Assist in expanding the electricity grid.

Finance and Accounting:

  • Financial Planners: Strategize Eskom’s finances.
  • Accountants: Manage budgets and accounts.
  • Auditors: Ensure financial compliance.

Human Resources:

  • Recruiters: Source and hire new talent.
  • Employee Relations: Address worker issues.
  • Trainers: Provide skill development programs.

Information Technology (IT):

  • Network Administrators: Manage computer networks.
  • Cybersecurity Experts: Protect data from cyber threats.
  • Software Developers: Create innovative software solutions.
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Environmental Specialists:

  • Environmental Managers: Promote eco-friendly practices.
  • Compliance Officers: Ensure adherence to environmental regulations.
  • Sustainability Experts: Advocate for sustainable energy initiatives.

Legal and Regulatory Experts:

  • Legal Advisors: Handle legal matters.
  • Regulatory Officers: Navigate regulatory frameworks.

Health and Safety Officers:

  • Safety Inspectors: Ensure workplace safety standards.
  • Health Officers: Monitor health regulations.

Customer Service Representatives:

  • Customer Support: Assist with inquiries and complaints.
  • Service Requests: Manage customer service requests.

To see current job openings, visit the Eskom Recruitment portal. Remember to apply through Eskom’s official website to avoid falling victim to fake job scams.

How to Apply for Jobs at Eskom

If you’re keen on joining Eskom, follow these steps to apply for a job:

  • Visit the Eskom website and provide your details to create an account.
  • Browse available jobs on the Eskom Recruitment portal.
  • Identify roles that align with your skills and interests.
  • Click on a job listing to review its specifications and requirements.
  • Hit the “Apply” button on the job page and follow the prompts to submit your application.
  • Pay attention to the closing date for applications and ensure you apply before the deadline.
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  • Set up a profile on the Eskom website for future job applications and vacancy checks.
  • Eskom typically provides feedback within 30 days. If you don’t hear back, consider your application unsuccessful.

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Benefits of Working at Eskom

Joining Eskom comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Career Growth: Opportunities for advancement.
  • Training Programs: Access to skill development initiatives.
  • Job Security: Stable employment with a reputable company.
  • Health Benefits: Medical coverage for employees.
  • Team Environment: Collaborative and supportive work culture.
  • Diverse Projects: Involvement in varied and impactful initiatives.
  • Contributing to Society: A chance to power South Africa’s progress and development.

By following these steps and showcasing your skills and enthusiasm, you can increase your chances of securing a rewarding career at Eskom. Good luck on your journey.


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