March 4, 2024
"It is trained": Dog wisely prevents baby from eating its food, video goes viral
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  • A wise dog has gained the attention of social media users because of how it handled a tricky situation with a little baby
  • In a trending video, the baby crawled to where the dog was and was moving towards its food, but the pet quickly intervened
  • Instead of attacking the child, the dog wisely diverted the baby’s attention from the food, and the child went back

A dog has been praised on social media because of how it handled a tricky situation between it and a little child.

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In a video shared on TikTok by @justine.miyo7, the baby was going to where the dog’s food was kept apparently to eat from it.

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The dog diverted the baby away from the food. Photo credit: TikTok/@justine.miyo7.
Source: TikTok

The baby was almost getting to the food when the dog quickly made a wise decision to intervene.

The pet sprinted and used its head to divert the baby’s attention from the dog food playfully.

Many social media users have described the pet as kind and extremely well-trained for it to know that a baby doesn’t have to eat a dog’s food.

The video has received thousands of comments from social media users after it went viral on TikTok.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions to the video of a wise dog

@official dubby@99 commented:

“This dog is well trained. Not the dog in my house, na only to pursue me he sabi.”

@Focuz(Oxygen) remarked:

“My landlord’s dog sleeps at night and bark at day…The other day he was chasing everybody even the landlord.”

@Ife mii said:

“The dog was guiding the baby from eating his food cause the dog know say human being food is different from him own.”

@EU Snipes commented:

“I hope the dogs in my house are seeing the way other dogs are behaving. Their own na to dey pursue me like a thief.”


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