February 26, 2024
Land for Sale: Ugwuogo Nike, Enugu State
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Are you looking for a prime piece of land in Enugu State, Nigeria? Look no further! Bukasin Unique Estate is offering an incredible opportunity to own a plot of land in the beautiful area of Ugwuogo Nike, located in Enugu East local government. This article will provide you with all the essential details about this property, including its size, price, location, and unique features. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in a highly sought-after location. Read on to discover more!

Location and Landmarks

Ugwuogo Nike is a desirable location in Enugu State, known for its serene surroundings and proximity to various amenities. Here are some notable landmarks in the area:

Mmaduka Peace University (4mins Drive)

Mmaduka Peace University is just a short 4-minute drive away from the land. This renowned institution adds value to the area and attracts students from across the country. Investing in a property near a university is always a wise decision, as it guarantees a steady demand for housing.

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Nike Lake Resort (10mins Drive)

Enjoy the beauty of nature at Nike Lake Resort, situated only 10 minutes away from the land. This picturesque resort offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Owning a plot of land nearby allows you to indulge in the resort’s amenities and recreational activities at your convenience.

Innocent Agro Farm Factory (6mins Drive)

With a short 6-minute drive, you can reach the Innocent Agro Farm Factory. This agricultural facility plays a significant role in the local economy, providing job opportunities and contributing to the area’s growth. Investing in a property close to such an establishment ensures potential benefits from the region’s development.

Seaman Real Estate (6mins Drive)

Seaman Real Estate, a reputable firm, is just a 6-minute drive from the land. This proximity to a trusted real estate company adds value to your investment, as they can provide guidance and assistance throughout the purchasing process. Having experts in close proximity ensures a smooth and secure transaction.

Enugu International Airport (Less than 20mins Drive)

The land is conveniently located less than 20 minutes away from the Enugu International Airport. This is a significant advantage for frequent travelers or those with business interests abroad. Easy access to the airport saves time and enhances convenience, making this property even more appealing.


Property Details

Now, let’s go into the specific details of this land for sale in Ugwuogo Nike, Enugu State:

Size: 500sqm

The available plot of land measures an impressive 500 square meters. This generous size provides ample space for building your dream home or investing in a profitable real estate project. With such a substantial area, you have the flexibility to design and construct a property according to your preferences and needs.

Pre-Launch Price: ₦4.5 Million

Take advantage of the presale price of just ₦4.5 million and you will get an additional discount if you buy with coupon code zona! This offer presents a fantastic opportunity to secure a valuable asset at an affordable rate. However, it’s important to act swiftly as the price is likely to increase soon. Waiting may result in missing out on this exclusive deal.

Investment Potential

Investing in land in Ugwuogo Nike, Enugu State, holds tremendous potential for long-term growth and profitability. Here’s why:

  • Prime Location: The land’s strategic location, surrounded by significant landmarks, ensures high demand and appreciation over time.
  • Rapid Development: Enugu State is experiencing rapid growth and development, making it an ideal investment destination.
  • Reputable Real Estate Firm: Bukasin Unique Estate is a trusted and reputable real estate firm, that provides assurance and reliability to investors.
  • Presale Price Advantage: By purchasing during the presale period, you secure the property at a lower price, which can lead to substantial returns on investment in the future.
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How to Purchase

Purchasing this exceptional property is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to make it yours:

  1. Visit the Bukasin Unique Estate website or contact their sales team directly on Whatsapp.
  2. Inquire about the available plots in Ugwuogo Nike, Enugu State.
  3. Provide the coupon code “Zona” to receive an additional discount on your purchase.
  4. Complete the necessary documentation, including the registered survey and deed of assignment.
  5. Make the payment according to the agreed terms and conditions.
  6. Celebrate becoming the proud owner of a valuable piece of land in a highly sought-after location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the land title registered?

Yes, the land comes with a registered survey and deed of assignment, providing legal assurance and peace of mind.

Can I visit the land before making a purchase?

Absolutely! Bukasin Unique Estate welcomes potential buyers to visit the property and assess its suitability firsthand. Simply schedule a visit with their sales team.

Are there any additional costs involved apart from the purchase price?

The purchase price covers the cost of the land; however, buyers should be aware of any associated fees, such as legal fees or stamp duty, which may apply.

Can I resell the land in the future?

Yes, as the owner, you have the freedom to sell the land at any time. Considering the property’s desirable location, it is likely to attract interested buyers in the future.

What is the size of each plot available?

The available plots in Ugwuogo Nike are all 500 square meters in size, providing ample space for various development options.


In conclusion, the opportunity to own a plot of land in Ugwuogo Nike, Enugu State, is not one to be missed. With its prime location, remarkable landmarks in close proximity, and affordable presale price, this investment promises significant returns. Bukasin Unique Estate, a reputable real estate firm, ensures a secure and hassle-free purchase process. Take action now to secure your future. Remember, the price will soon increase, so don’t delay!

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