September 27, 2023
List of Markets In Mushin
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Here is the list of Markets in Mushin

  1. Amu market: This market is also known as the Amu timber market because of its sale of timber (wood). You can buy any type of wood and furniture equipment.

    Mushin Main Market
    Entrance of Mushin Main Market
  2. Ojuwoye Market: This is one of the most popular markets in Mushin. It is known for sales of beverages, toiletries, etc at wholesale price.

    Mushin Market Ojuwoye
    Mushin Market (Ojuwoye)
  3. Leather/Shoe materials market: It is located at Wey Street. You can any Leather, shoes, bags materials there.
  4. Mushin Main Market: This is where food items are sold like fresh tomatoes, pepper, onions, etc. It is very close to Ojuwoye and Leather market.
  5. Idi olowo Market: This is known for electronic equipment, and devices, such as speakers, microphones, lighting and so on.
  6. Plaintain Market: If you love Plantain, then definitely you will love the Plaintain market. You can buy plantain very cheap right there.
  7. Daleko Market: It is popularly known as the rice market. Bags of rice is at wholesale price in the market.
  8. Ladipo Market: It is also known as Ladipo Auto spare parts Market. It is the biggest Auto spare parts Market in Africa.
  9. Ladipo Paper Market: It is a great paper market where you can buy papers, cardboards and wedding cards. Also, you can get designs and printings of any form (Direct Image, Large Format, graphic designs, impressions and so on).
  10. Aswani Market: Mainly known for the sales of Okrika clothes. It is very close to the Ladipo market.

Mushin Area/Postal Code

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