March 4, 2024
"See Problem" : Young Security Girl Caught Dancing on Duty at Same Company that Fired Happie Boys
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  • A video of young female security personnel dancing at the entrance of a popular Nigerian restaurant has surfaced online
  • Many found the lady’s action hilarious as it happened to be the same company that sacked Happie Boys for dancing on duty
  • While they were two security other personnel observed on duty, only the young lady danced, howbeit shyly

Like Happie Boys several months ago, a young security girl was recorded dancing on duty.

Kcee’s new song Ojapiano played in the background as the girl danced shyly while her colleague did not participate.

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The security girl danced shyly. Photo Credit: @gossipmilltv
Source: Instagram

At some point, she covered her face and moved closer to her colleague, who stood at the other side of the entrance, as if trying to get him to join her.

However, the young man only watched. Gossip Mill, who shared the clip on Instagram, noted that the lady was employed by the same company that sacked Happie Boys for dancing on duty.

The lady’s action left nigerians in stitches, saying she won’t get sacked this time around.

Watch the video below:

People drag Happie Boys over the video

@dr_godwin said:

“If this people video reminds you of The Chicken Republic happy-Boys gather here.”

@king.sley.101 said:

“We still dey worry about Happi boys, now Una unleash Happi girls.”

@spaco3point5 said:

“All of you saying she could have been on the street doing olòshó, make she go try am naau, and for your information, olòshó job is not for lazy girls oO! Only the brave & smart girls can do that job so she’d better go do olòshó because she’ll make more money.”

@cqrtel_comedy said:

“Nah to dey work as security for stores oh And be very happy ….The last one’s are now drinking Azuu outside the country, Any vacancy!!!!!!!!?”

@slimxy_ said:

“The guy close to her would have been doing yahoo also but he chose to work. You guys should stop giving something that should be a normal life an applaud. If you dance on duty and I be manager. I’ll sack you straight up!”

@pretty_divaella said:

“Una don start again .

“The return of happy girls.”

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