May 23, 2024
How Much is Burna Boy Net Worth Forbes
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Burna Boy, a renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer, has made a significant impact on the music industry throughout his successful career. With his exceptional talent and captivating voice, Burna Boy has gained a massive following and critical acclaim both in Nigeria and internationally.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Like to Party: Burna Boy’s debut single

In 2012, Burna Boy burst onto the music scene with his debut single, “Like to Party.” The song became an instant hit, showcasing his unique musical style and infectious energy. It laid the foundation for Burna Boy’s subsequent rise to stardom.

Debut album L.I.F.E and global recognition

The following year, Burna Boy released his debut album, titled L.I.F.E (Leaving an Impact for Eternity). The album featured the hit single “Like to Party” and received widespread acclaim, propelling Burna Boy to global recognition. His distinct blend of Afrobeat, reggae, and dancehall resonated with audiences around the world.

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Success of the single “Ye”

One of Burna Boy’s most notable singles, “Ye,” further solidified his position in the music industry. The track garnered attention from renowned DJs like Skrillex and DJ Snake, amassing over 180 million views on YouTube for its official music video. Burna Boy’s popularity soared, and he continued to release impressive work. You can see the best of Burna boy songs here.

Record Deals and Success

Signing with Warner Bros Records

Burna Boy’s talent and rising fame attracted the attention of major record labels, leading him to sign a record deal with Warner Bros Records. The partnership not only provided him with greater opportunities but also contributed to his financial success.

Release of notable works

Under Warner Bros Records, Burna Boy released several remarkable works, including albums and singles. His continuous output of high-quality music solidified his reputation as a talented artist with a unique artistic vision. Fans eagerly anticipated each new release, contributing to Burna Boy’s ever-growing fan base.

Burna Boy’s Net Worth

Throughout his career, Burna Boy has achieved numerous milestones and accomplishments, both commercially and critically. His success has translated into a substantial net worth, estimated to be around $22 million. This impressive figure reflects his talent, hard work, and the impact he has made in the music industry.

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Burna Boy’s popularity extends beyond his music, as he boasts a significant social media following with over 10 million followers on Instagram. His influence and reach continue to expand, solidifying his position as one of Nigeria’s most prominent and successful personalities.

How Much is Burna Boy Net Worth Forbes

Burna Boy’s Biography

Born as Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu on July 2, 1991, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, Burna Boy grew up in Southern Nigeria. His mother, Bose Ogulu, played a crucial role in his career as both his manager and language translator. Burna Boy’s father worked in a welding company.

Music has been a passion for Burna Boy since a young age. He began creating music using software like Fruityloops and gained early success. Seeking to further develop his skills and knowledge, he pursued studies in music and media technology at the University of Sussex and later media communications and culture at Oxford Brookes University.

Burna Boy’s Assets

Burna Boy’s success has afforded him an affluent lifestyle, including notable assets.


Burna Boy owns a beautiful house in Lagos, Nigeria, where he resides. Additionally, he possesses a stunning residence in Los Angeles, which serves as a recording location and a place to retreat.

Car Collection

As a lover of cars, Burna Boy has assembled an impressive collection of luxury and exotic vehicles. His collection includes prestigious brands like Mercedes Maybach, Lamborghini, and Land Rover.

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Net Worth Growth

Over the years, Burna Boy’s net worth has experienced remarkable growth, reflecting his continuous success in the music industry.

  • 2023: $22 Million
  • 2022: $20 Million
  • 2021: $18 Million
  • 2020: $16 Million
  • 2019: $14 Million
  • 2018: $13 Million

Career and Awards

Burna Boy’s career has been marked by several notable achievements, including the release of critically acclaimed albums and singles. He has received recognition through various prestigious awards, solidifying his status as one of Nigeria’s most influential artists.

Burna Boy’s accolades include Nigeria Entertainment Awards, BET Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and even a Grammy Award.

Burna Boy’s Social Media Accounts

Stay connected with Burna Boy through his social media accounts:


Burna Boy’s educational journey shaped his artistic development. He attended Corona Secondary School before pursuing further studies in media technology at the University of Sussex. He later transferred to Oxford Brookes University, where he focused on media communications and culture.


Burna Boy has become a true icon in the music industry, particularly in the realms of hip-hop and pop. His exceptional singing skills, captivating lyrics, and unique style have garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. With a net worth of $22 million, Burna Boy’s success reflects his undeniable talent and hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Burna Boy?

Burna Boy’s total net worth is approximately $22 Million.

How old is Burna Boy?

Burna Boy is currently 33 years old, having been born on July 2, 1991.

How much does Burna Boy make annually?

Burna Boy earns an estimated salary of over $2 Million per year.

What is the height of Burna Boy?

Burna Boy stands at a height of 1.85 meters (6’1″).

What is the name of Burna Boy’s wife?

Burna Boy is currently single.

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